Norman Parkinson Archive

Paris, Drama: Jean Patchett in Balenciaga, Vogue, 1950


As the exclusive representative of the Norman Parkinson Estate, the Archive holds a huge amount of diverse material accumulated by Parkinson throughout his career. This includes thousands of prints ranging from the late 1930s until his death in 1990. Many of the photographs from the collection, including extremely rare early works, are available for purchase. A significant number are signed.

Prints available for purchase can be seen by clicking on the links below or by visiting the image archive section. Look for the ‘available for purchase’ symbol below the image. If you click on an image, you will then be able to see what print types are available.

The Norman Parkinson Archive is based in south London and is open by appointment.

Please contact us if you would like further information about the work available, pricing or purchasing photographs.

Vintage Prints

A vintage print is a photograph produced at the same time that the negative was made. In practice, this usually means within five years of the negative date.

The Archive holds prints from the beginning of Parkinson's career in the mid 1930s when he was working for newspapers and magazines including The Sketch, Bystander and Harper's Bazaar. In addition to fashion images, Parkinson also undertook reportage and editorial work as well as studio portraiture, capturing the debutantes and society figures of the day.

There are thousands of prints from Parkinson's time at Vogue in the 1940s and 1950s, and then at Queen Magazine in the early 1960's. Many feature leading models of the day including Barbara Goalen, Wenda Rogerson (Parkinson's wife), Jean Patchett, Carmen Dell 'Orefice (who is still walking the catwalks today), Twiggy and Celia Hammond.

Parkinson always regarded himself as a craftsman rather than artist and many of the vintage photographs held at the Archive are the original working prints produced for magazine layouts. As a result, they are historical artefacts as well as beautiful photographs, featuring the original annotations from Parkinson, picture editors, pre-digital re-touching and the Vogue stamps on the reverse.

Modern prints

In addition to vintage prints, the Archive holds a large number of photographs printed during Parkinson’s lifetime but typically a long time after the image was actually taken. These are pictures that Parkinson identified as important, chose to re-print and many are signed. The majority are silver gelatin prints.

Limited Editions

In 2008 the Norman Parkinson Archive began issuing a selection of limited edition, posthumous prints. The Archive currently holds twenty two iconic images in the series. They are produced in editions of 21 and printed strictly under the supervision of the Archive. All prints are marked on the reverse with the image details and the Archive stamp. Prices start at £2000.00 (excluding VAT) and increase as the edition sells out.

In 2013 the Archive celebrated 100 years since Norman Parkinson’s birth (he was born in London on April 1913). To mark this important occasion the Archive released a special centenary, limited edition print of one of his most recognisable and personally important images ‘Jump’, photographed for Harper’s Bazaar in 1939. This print is from a larger edition of 100 and is priced at £390.00 (plus additional shipping charge).