Norman Parkinson Archive

Cardin Hat Over Paris

11 November 2015

The Norman Parkinson Archive is delighted to announce the release of a new limited edition platinum print of ‘Cardin Hat Over Paris’.

“We were arrested at we landed.”

Norman Parkinson, 1987

This image, one of Parkinson’s most iconic and recognizable, was taken during his first series in 1960 on the Paris Collections for Queen Magazine. Never one to shy away from taking risks for the perfect photograph, Parkinson captured this image while the helicopter flew illegally over the Eiffel Tower.

This posthumous platinum/palladium print is from an edition of 21
(image size: 11 x 23 inches / paper size: 19 3/4 x 25 inches).

Please contact us if you would like to find out more about purchasing this print: / 020 7394 9743

About the Platinum Print

Platinum prints are loved by photographers and treasured by collectors because of their wide tonal range, surface quality and permanence. Although time consuming and costly to create, a fine platinum print exhibits a broad range of subtle tonal variations from rich velvety blacks to luminous mid and high tone values, in the deepest shadows the platinum print still presents information; the depth of the image is alive and three-dimensional.

Prints made with platinum are not only exceptionally beautiful; they are the most durable of all the photographic printing processes. The platinum and palladium metals used to create a print are more stable than gold and will last many generations greatly surpassing all other modern printing methods. Platinum prints are created by hand one at a time and are far removed from the world of mass produced silver-based papers and modern media for digital outputs. Very few master platinum printers remain capable of printing editions in this highly delicate and elaborate manner.

The Archive is issuing this image as a platinum/palladium photograph, working exclusively with master printer, Max Caffell of 31 Studio/The Platinum Printroom. 31 Studio/The Platinum Printroom is a specialist Platinum Printing Studio based in Gloucester in the UK.