Norman Parkinson Archive

Searching for Rory McEwen

12 February 2015

Jools Holland tells the little-known story of Rory McEwen, ground-breaking musician and uniquely gifted artist.

Secret Knowledge - In Search of Rory McEwen
BBC Four - Friday February 13th 2015 - 7.30pm, repeated 11.45pm

Jools Holland tells the remarkable story of his father-in-law Rory McEwen - aristocrat, artist, folk singer and pioneering TV presenter, and the man who brought the blues to Britain. Illustrated with rare archive footage and McEwen's own beautiful paintings, the programme features contributions from an eclectic cast including Van Morrison, David Dimbleby and Jonathan Miller.

The film includes a photograph of McEwen with his wife and three daughters taken by Norman Parkinson for Vogue in 1966. Images from the shoot can be viewed in the gallery above. The archive holds a number of vintage prints from the shoot.

Details of the documentary on the BBC website can be viewed here.
Visit the Rory McEwen website here.