Norman Parkinson Archive

Norman Parkinson print acquired by the Rijksmuseum

05 November 2014

On the occasion of the Rijksmuseum opening it's long anticipated Photography Wing, we are very pleased to announce the inclusion of this beautiful Norman Parkinson Vintage photograph, in the Museum's permanent collection.

It will also be on display in the Museum's inaugural exhibition: 'Modern Times' running from 1st November 2014 - 11th January 2015. 

This piece was taken by Parkinson in 1954, for a feature titled: 'More Taste Than Money - Summer to a Plan'. The model Susan Abrahams (one of Norman Parkinson's favourites throughout the 1950s) is wearing a Susan Small taffeta blouse, jewellery by Adrian Mann & a white straw town & country hat by Hugh Beresford.

As you can see from the above image, the photograph comes complete with directions & annotations for its printing in Vogue Magazine, in ink on the right side, recto. This is typical of many of the prints held by the archive. At the time they were produced, these photographs were viewed as 'working prints' to be used for the magazine layouts. There was no expectation that they would be regarded as 'art' or suitable for display. The Vogue catalogue number (CV 28 c-33) recording the shoot and film frame can also be seen on the edge of the print.

With thanks to Gallery Vassie (Langestraat 47, 1015 AK, Amsterdam).
A selection of additional Parkinson images can be viewed at the Gallery and seen on the Gallery Vassie website.