Norman Parkinson Archive

Jaeger Flashback: Nena in New York

01 November 2014

Norman Parkinson's 1960 advertising image of Nena von Schlebrugge photographed against the New York skyline is featuring in Jaeger's online journal this month.

"The story behind one of our favourite images from the Jaeger archive.

It's February 16th 1960. Norman Parkinson, one of the twentieth century's best known fashion photographers, is shooting one of the decade's most in-demand models against the dramatic backdrop of the New York City skyline for The Queen Magazine. Called Nena von Schlebrügge, she's stunning, Swedish and also the future mother of a world-famous Hollywood actress: Uma Thurman. She's wearing a Jaeger coat in red, which just happens to be one of this season's hottest colours (see below for our edit of red pieces you can shop now).

It may seem surprising now, but the impulsive, unstructured, almost behind-the-scenes look of this image were at the time, revolutionary. Bored of the posed formality of fashion images of the past, Parkinson was determined to evolve a new, more casual, easily elegant style that won him commissions for Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Town & Country, and, of course, Jaeger. It made him a true innovator, and this style has influenced almost every photographer shooting fashion images today."

Featuring the phorographer himself (a device he used at various times in his career), this ad campaign was configured as a wraparound, running on the front and back covers of Queen magazine.

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Text courtesy of Jaeger Journal.