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Jaeger Flashback: Anne Gunning in Jaipur

03 January 2014

Norman Parkinson's 1956 image of Vogue model Anne Gunning in India is featuring in Jaeger's online journal this month.

"Let us set the scene. It's 1956 and Norman Parkinson - the fashion photographer of the moment - is shooting model Anne Gunning in front of the magnificent City Palace in Jaipur. She is a statuesque brunette with more than just a likeness of Audrey Hepburn, and wears a sumptuous pink Jaeger mohair coat - accessorised only with sparkling jewels and a sheer headscarf.

Even with such an incredible backdrop and well-dressed co-stars, it is that pink coat that steals the show. Diana Vreeland, the then editor of Harper's Bazaar, said of the image: 'How clever of you, Mr Parkinson, to know that pink is the navy blue of India'. How clever indeed."

This image is a variation of the shot that appeared in the November 1956 issue of British Vogue. It is available to purchase from the archive as a posthumous, limited edition print. More details can be found in the Archive section.

Read the full article in the Jaeger Journal here.

Text courtesy of Jaeger Journal.