Norman Parkinson Archive

Homage to Parks: Recreation of 'A Spring Hat and the City of Bath'

19 July 2013

To celebrate Norman Parkinson’s Centenary, photographer Chris Burfoot worked with Bath in Fashion 2013 to recreate an image that is featured in the current Norman Parkinson exhibition in Bath.

The exhibition, 'Mouvements de Femmes' is a joint project with Bath in Fashion, the Norman Parkinson Archive and Bo. Lee Projects is curated by fashion designer Roland Mouret. The restaged image is from a 1948 shoot for Vogue called “A Spring Hat and the City of Bath”. The role of the 1948 model, Anne Chambers, is taken on and given a 21st century spin by Suzanne Marshall.

See the tribute film made by Hasselblad, Broncolor and Bath in Fashion documenting the exhibition curated by Roland Mouret and the recreation of Park's iconic shot.