Norman Parkinson Archive

Parks is honoured with a Blue Plaque

20 June 2009

The Putney Society produced 7 blue plaques from 2007-2011 to commemorate the lives of those who have made a significant contribution to Putney. Norman Parkinson's plaque at 32 Landford Rd, SW15 was unveiled on the 20th June 2009. 

Norman Parkinson was born in Roehampton and evacuated to the country during the First World War. He spent the rest of his childhood (1919-1936) living at 32 Landford Road, "a cosy semi-detached in the purlieus of Putney half-drowning in my mother's roses‟ and between 1927 and 1931 was educated at Westminster School. He described his journey in top hat and tails to Putney Bridge underground Station with his brother "picking our way through the (then) slum areas of the Lower Richmond Road, which our mother had warned us were inhabited by guttersnipes. Running the early morning gauntlet of abuse and over-ripe vegetables was certainly character forming, necessitating frequent defensive thrusts with well-rolled umbrellas (obligatory regulation) and quick evasive rearguard actions.‟ From Portraits in Fashion by Robin Muir.