Norman Parkinson Archive

Starring Vivien Leigh: A Centenary Celebration

30 November 2013 to 20 July 2014, National Portrait Gallery, London


Starring Vivien Leigh: A Centenary Celebration

Vivien Leigh, photographed in 1935 shortly after her success in the 'Mask of Virtue'.

A rare 1935 portrait by Norman Parkinson will be on display as part of the National Portrait Gallery exhibition 'Starring Vivien Leigh: A Centenary Celebration'.

This centenary display coincides with the 75th anniversary of Gone With The Wind, for which Vivien Leigh was awarded her first Oscar, and celebrates a career which included a second Oscar for her role as Blanche Dubois in A Streetcar Named Desire.

Telling the story of the film and theatre career of the celebrated actress Vivien Leigh, and focusing on her Oscar-winning role in Gone With the Wind (1939), this display features over 50 portraits of Leigh including rare vintage photographs, magazine covers, vintage film stills and press books. 

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