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Clothes in the sun

Pigeon Point, Tobago, May 1956

Clothes in the sun, Pigeon Point, Tobago, May 1956

Wenda Parkinson in Tobago
“Clothes in the sun”, British Vogue, May 1956 

First essential for any sun-and-sea holiday – a swimsuit with this summer’s new look of brilliant, patterned exuberance. This one is bright as a parakeet, in vivid emerald green”

Wenda (an actress, model and later a writer) first met Norman Parkinson after they were introduced by fellow photographer, Cecil Beaton. Parkinson and Wenda worked together for Vogue on countless occasions – she was his most enduring muse and features in many of his most iconic images. They were married in 1947 and remained together for the rest of their lives. 

Pigeon Point, Tobago, May 1956


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