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Cecil Beaton and Marisa Berenson

1 October 1971

Cecil Beaton and Marisa Berenson, , 1 October 1971

Cecil Beaton and Marisa Berenson photographed for British Vogue, October 1971.

The feature was entitled "Cecil Beaton's own gallery of fashion' and was a preview of an exhibition curated by Beaton at the Victoria and Albert Museum which ran from October 1971 to January 1972. 

Leading designers, collectors and patrons leant garments upon Beaton's request, with many subsequently donating the items to the museum. This Vogue feature described the "twenty Balenciagas, nine Schiaparellis, eight Poirets, two Vionnets and masses of Chanels..." that were to go on display. The catalogue of the exhibition, edited by Madeleine Ginsburg, was published by HMSO in 1971. It is available for reference from the National Art Library on the first floor of the V & A.

Marisa Berenson is the granddaughter of Elsa Schiaparelli and, at the time this shot was taken, was soon to appear in Cabaret with Liza Minelli.

In this shot, Marisa was wearing a 'black sequin dinner suit by Chanel with a fragile blouse of creamy pin-tucked chiffon with a jabot and inserts of fine lace and pearl buttons 1937-8, given by Diana Vreeland. Black satin shoes, £17.50, at Rayne. Sheer black tights by Mary Quant, 65p. Long strings of pearls, pearl and glitter rings, all from £1 each'.

1 October 1971


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