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Paris Photo 2014

Grand Palais
13 to 16 November 2014

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Norman Parkinson: Always in Fashion

Proud Chelsea, London
6 November to 7 December 2014

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From the Archive

Knitted in Scotland, Hadrian's Wall, Scotland, February 1952

Knitted in Scotland, Hadrian's Wall, Scotland, February 1952

'Looking towards Scotland from Hadrian's Wall - earliest symbol of a Border in fact undefined through centuries of strife, she wears the product of a more peaceful strand of Border history; for, ever since Cistercian monks from the great religious houses saw gold in the fleece and set sheep nibbling over the undulating hills, wool has been an auspicious thread woven through the turbulent patter of Scottish Border history.

Blessed by geography, the Union, stable peace at last, and by the skill and diligence of the inhabitants, this, the logical home of the Scottish woollen industry became so in fact. And now the hosiery trade...lovingly knits up sweaters like these, exported, prized all over the world, hunted for, cherished in the British Isles.' 

Wenda Parkinson wearing a lavender lambswool twinset by Pringle. 

British Vogue, February 1952, p.88.


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